Project Summary
Sabatto is a small vegan bakery specializing in amaretti. Creator, Chiara Sabatto, grew up in the tiny neighbourhood of Nolita in NYC. She fondly remembers baking these delicious almond treats with her nonna and playing Sailor Moon with her friends. The weekends were a magical time as a young girl. A little traditional with a contemporary approach, sabatto reimagines your inner child. It was also a time for imagination and playing with friends.
Fast-forward 20 years later. Sabatto might not prance around as her favourite sailor scout, but that spirit and the craft of baking old recipes still holds a place in her heart. She wants to share that with the world – or at least if you happen to find yourself in her hometown of Nolita. Oh, and they’re vegan too, made with love.

• Branding
• Illustration
• Visual design

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